Belden Wireless Solution : Channel blanket topology creates blankets of continuous wireless coverage with no roaming latency

CoverageWhile standard WLANs use cell-based technologies that require complex RF Cell Planning in an attempt to avoid co-channel interference, the Belden Wireless Solution uses a unique Channel Blanket topology to allow each radio channel to be used everywhere, at every access point, thereby creating blankets of continuous wireless coverage with no roaming latency or co-channel interference problems. High throughput is achieved even when cell traffic is high. Full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol and security standards is maintained. The Belden Wireless Solution covers the entire enterprise with overlapping blankets on independent channels; ensures seamless, zero AP-to-AP hand off mobility for latency sensitive applications such as voice and video; is exceptionally easy to deploy, configure, validate and maintain, providing plug-and-play flexibility to add or remove access points with no effect on the existing set-up; and anticipates the fixed/mobile convergence of voice (VoWLAN), data and video in WLAN deployments.

September 18, 2006 - FeedSee