Full-Flight Simulators : Visual system uses satellite imagery and weather effects to produce highly realistic training scenarios

SimulatorsCAE will provide full-flight simulators: a Boeing 777ER and an A330/340 for Jet Airways of India and a Boeing 777-300 ER for Air Canada. Both contracts include a suite of CAE Simfinity training devices. In addition to the Boeing 777 extended range simulator and the Airbus A330/340 convertible simulator for Jet Airways, CAE will provide a CAE Simfinity Integrated Procedures Trainer for the B777 as well as a CAE Simfinity Maintenance Flight Training Device for the A330/340. Both the B737NG simulators, and the new B777ER and A330/340 simulators, feature the CAE Tropos visual system which uses satellite imagery as well as advanced weather and lighting effects to produce highly realistic training scenarios for pilots.

December 6, 2006 - FeedSee